History of Riad Remmy

After several years of travelling the world, searching for that perfect spot to settle with Tracy, my partner of 15 years, we took a 2 week holiday to Morocco. This is when we discovered Essaouira. After spending the time walking the delightful medina streets, soaking up the atmosphere of the fishing port and enjoying the fantastic regional cuisine in the many local restaurants, we decided this was the place we could settle and build the home of our dreams.

It took 4-5 months but eventually we found ideal site located within the walls in a quiet traditional part of the medina. After 15 months of renovation - a lot of hard work and laughter - it finally took shape to be the Riad that we know and love today.

After living in Morocco for the past 3 years, I have travelled around many cities and regions and would be able to advise you on places you may wish to visit on your trip.

View from roof terrace. Restoration of traditional fireplace. Restoration of the atrium. Restoration of the atrium. Painting the roof terrace.