General information on Essaouira/Morocco

  • Riad Remmy Additional Services:
  • - All guests are met on arrival and walked to Riad Remmy. We are pleased to offer a map of Essaouira and a tour of the medina. Complimentary drinks are served on arrival.
  • - Hairdryer is available upon request.
  • - There is a travelcot and highchair available for use.
  • - Riad Remmy offers a laundry facility for guests (ask Sandra for prices).

Languages Spoken – Arabic & French (English is of course widely spoken in restaurants and shops).

Currency - Moroccan Dirham (closed currency). You can get this at the airport on arrival, cash machines and banks/bureau de change. Euros are also widely used in Essaouira.

Electrical - Electrical supply is 127/220V 50Hz. European style with 2 circular metal pin plugs are used.

Time Zone - GMT/UTC 0

Country Dialing Code - +212

Weights & Measures - Metric.

Water - You should only drink bottled water.

Taxis - Taxi cabs do not have meters. You will find small blue cars at the end of the Medina which can transport up to 3 passengers. Tariff – 6DH from 08.00 – 20.00 and 7DH from 20.00 – 08.00.

Ramadan - Ramadan is observed and celebrated here. Please check online to find current dates for this.

Health & Safety - Please ensure you have appropriate travel insurance as there is no free health care in Morocco. There are a number of local pharmacies in Essaouria and there is a small hospital. Flooring and stairs are tiled and pavements can be uneven under foot. In the rare instances of heavy rain the streets can become very slippy and saturated so extra care should be taken.

All bedrooms at Riad Remmy are secured with a padlock and this should be used. We can take no responsibility for injury or theft. Payment of deposit will assume acceptance and agreement to this.

There is no phone in the riad but mobiles work fine and there are plenty of payphones and internet cafes for Skype and Emailing.

Essaouira is safe to walk around day and night for adults and children. The medina can get busy in the evenings so extra care should be taken with children. Our family and friends have brought their children here and all have loved Essaouira, our daughter Remmy loves the beach!