Festivals, Markets & Activities

Local Shopping

We are happy to give you guided tours around the medina and souks where there are many hand made gifts available. Carving workshops where local craftsmen produce beautiful marquetry pieces from the local thuya trees – a mahogany like hardwood. Fine silks and wools are utilized to create beautiful carpets and intricate embroidered traditional clothing like the Jellaba. Handmade leather slippers, shoes and leather bags. Local craftsmen making silvery jewellery at the Silver Market. Local Moroccan cookery classes can be arranged.

The Silver Market – just a 5 minute walk from the Riad, a fantastic authentic silver market where you can have distinctive and individual pieces made to your own design by local craftsmen.

The Fish Market - outside the city walls are open-air seafood stalls where an array of freshly caught fish can be barbecued, grilled and served immediately. A perfect place to eat.

Other local markets include - spice market, grain market, vegetable market and flea market.